Finding Peace in Life’s Uncertainties

How’s your way working? I know a lot of different readers have a lot of different things going on in their lives. I’m just wondering how your way is working for you? I know some of you are married, but a lot of you aren’t married. What if you never...

Unlocking the Power of Redemptive Leadership

A charismatic leader in a church with a wide...

3 Mistakes Churches Make in Prayer Ministries

Okay, you’ve read and heard this verse many times. But let’s read it closely and carefully one more time: “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in...

The Megachurch Down the Road Is . . . Fading?

This topic surfaces in almost every church consultation or interview we do. People in smaller churches believe that megachurches have taken—or “stolen” as they often say—their families. The matriarch in one...

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A Way of Life Developed in God’s Freedom

A Way of Life Developed in God’s Freedom

There are moments when a single truth seems to cry out for focused proclamation. For me one of these moments came in the early 1980s; freedom in Christ seemed the truth in need of focus. When I looked at the people I was living with as pastor—fairly affluent, well...

Discovering Your Inherent Worth

Discovering Your Inherent Worth

As I’ve wrestled with understanding my own worth, I’ve heard a lot of self-positivity messages reminding me no matter my body type, job, parenting style, or social status, I’m valuable and “worth it.” In many ways, it’s refreshing. We see posts on social media or even...

Understanding the Process of Recovery

Understanding the Process of Recovery

Recovery isn’t a fixed state; it’s a process. Recovery isn’t a destination. If you’re “in recovery,” you’re on a journey whose direction of travel is toward self-direction, health and well-being, and the fulfillment of your potential. In recovery, we develop the...

Unlocking Joy through Brain Science

Unlocking Joy through Brain Science

A few years ago, I (Chris) wrote a book with neuroscience specialist Dr. Jim Wilder, addiction recovery specialist Ed Khouri, and educator Sheila Sutton called Joy Starts Here. In our book we describe joy this way. Joy is the twinkle in someone’s eyes, the smile from...

A Remnant Among the Ruins

A Remnant Among the Ruins

The hot Haitian sun beat down on our metal tap tap as we bounced along the dirt road of a small town just outside Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  My hands wrapped around the metal bars, I squinted into the high noon sun as we came to a slow stop, our driver pointing towards a...




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