It was the summer of 2007. I had just completed a 40-day fast. When I started the fast, my goal was to get to know the Lord on a deeper level, hope to get a better hold of my flesh, and maybe even experience something supernatural.

When I look back, it was quite self-centered, even if there was a sacrifice.

In God’s graciousness, I got all of what I had hoped for… and much, much more.

There were hundreds of people (maybe thousands) around the nation participating in this 40-day fast. I can’t speak for any of them, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the grace to finish well was completely supernatural as I can barely skip a meal these days.

My point? There was a much larger purpose.

The end of the fast culminated with the launch of THE CALL hosted at the Titan Stadium in Nashville. It was a 12-14 hour service.

There was amazing worship, anointed speakers and then a surprising turn…

We must have prayed for hours over the end of abortion. No one expected it. I’m not even sure the leaders of the event saw it coming.

The Holy Spirit had taken over.

There was no timeline placed on the results of our prayers. But there is no doubt in my mind seeds were planted in the Spirit that would eventually produce the fruit of LIFE.

This week when I heard the news of what was happening behind closed doors at SCOTUS, I could only rejoice.

Of course I’m beyond frustrated by the SCOTUS leak. It’s yet another action aimed at eroding the constitution, and worse, our leaders on either side don’t seem to care about it. They’re loud in words, but silent in action.

However, I believe, “what the enemy meant for evil, the Lord turns for our good.” (Genesis 50:20).

In other words, while this leak might give the culture of death a chance to sway the results, it also gives believers around the nation a chance to pray. And fast.

Let’s join together and do just that. Post this article on your social media encouraging your members to pray and fast that the USA will once again return to a culture of LIFE.

( was censored on January 6th. Our traffic reduced by 90%. At the time, we didn’t present political agendas, only articles to equip and encourage church leaders. Since it’s still being squelched, the gloves are off.)

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