The JCA Company has been serving those who serve the church for over two decades.

By presenting resources to pastors from like-minded organizations, as well as providing guidance from proven leaders in ministry, we connect pastors with the tools they need to succeed.

We believe that today’s business owners, marketing directors and sales managers need more value from their advertising investment. That’s why we make sure our clients enjoy the lowest CPM and CPL in the church market, while increasing their sales and enhancing their position in the minds of ministers. The JCA Company’s Pastor Resources publication, mailing list, e-blast, iPad & Android apps and website advertising opportunities provide unique exposure and powerful results that are unduplicated by any other medium in the church market.

The JCA Company was founded on the principle that the revival and renewal of the church in America is vital. We hope to be used as an instrument to catalyze that movement.


5 out of the box community outreach ideas

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5 Out-of-the-Box Community Outreach Ideas