What Is Sacred Sex?

I remember speaking on this topic at a Christian physicians conference. I began by explaining that marital sex is good and a God-blessed, sacred spiritual act. I said that God wants a couple to build a foundation for their relationship by...

Helping Your Members Get Unstuck

You care deeply about your members, the people...

True Unity Takes a Miracle!

Live Long and Prosper I vividly remember Diane and I visiting the California Giant Sequoia groves in Yosemite National park. They are massive and purportedly the largest living things on planet Earth. From...

Encountering God’s Promises When Life Hurts

There are times in our Christian experience when we don’t always feel like God keeps His promises. That might not be something most of us are willing to admit publicly, but most of us have probably felt it...

17 Ways to Keep Your Church Connected During Covid

17 Ways to Keep Your Church Connected During Covid

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Examination of Our Anxiety

The interior examination of anxiety is another powerful practice to engage in. To be anxious is to be human. But to be regularly shaped by anxiety...

As Long as It Has Fuel

The metaphor of fire is common among the spiritual masters. Indeed, ever-greater union with God has often been understood to be accompanied by...





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