4 Tips for Growing Your Ministry Facebook Page

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Are you struggling to get engagement on your Facebook page? Are you posting regularly but not seeing any new likes or followers? Unless you are an expert or strategist growing your Facebook page may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 4 tips that I have used to grow my Facebook to 2 million followers in a little over a 13 months.


Tip #1 Video

Video is outperforming graphics and plain text across the Facebook platform. We live in a visual world and people are watching videos more than they are doing anything else on Facebook. This is great for you to share your sermons, worship clips, prayer videos, and inspirational messages. Depending on your following and the type of people who are attracted to your ministry, you can get really creative with your video content. If you’re a millennial Pastor, then incorporating things that millennials like and are attracted to can help take your videos to the next level. Pastor Steven Furtick does a great job of this on his Facebook page. He uses sound effects, bright colors, and takes the best excerpts from his sermons that he knows will resonate with his audience.


Tip #2 Connect with people in Facebook Groups

There are hundreds if not thousands of Christian and Faith groups on Facebook. These are places you should be hanging out connecting with others. These groups are filled with people who ask questions about faith, who are asking for prayer, and I have even seen many who want to give their life to Christ but they are not sure where to begin; this is where you come in. You can spend 20 minutes a week in a  few groups connecting with others and many of these groups allow you to share your own content. This is great for you to share your messages, your graphics, and even events happening at your church especially if its a local group.


Tip #3 Be Consistent

People like connecting with churches and ministries who post regularly. How many times a day and week you post content will vary from ministry to ministry but you must be consistent if you expect to grow and keep people engaged. You can’t post once a month and expect people to know you and your ministry. In fact you will more than likely lose followers and it will be harder to attract and reach new people. The great thing about Facebook is that you can schedule out your post up to about 6 months. So depending on what type of content you post, you can schedule out weeks in advance and not have to worry about posting.


Tip #4 Utilize Facebook Live Stream

Live Stream has been a great asset to churches and ministries because it allows you to stream church services, bible study, conferences, and any other activities your church may have in real time. This gives you a live audience and gives your audience a chance to interact and engage with your ministry. This allows your church to connect with a global audience. I have seen live church services with people from Africa, Dubai, Greece the list goes on and on. The people that live in other countries may not ever get the chance to visit your church in person but Facebook Live gives them the opportunity to interact with your ministry in real time.


Bonus Tip #5 Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience may take some time and a little trial and error. Your Facebook audience or tribe may not be the same as the people in your congregation. It’s important to look at insights on your Facebook page. This will tell you a lot about the people who are engaging with your content. Are more females interacting with your page than males?  Are more millennials following you? All of this information is important as this will help you tailor your content accordingly.

Facebook can be a fun platform for your ministry to interact with people from all over the world. May these tips help you on your journey for success.

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