5 Steps to Growing Your Facebook Audience


Have you been on Facebook for a while but your ministry page seems to have slow growth? Are you stuck at 1k followers? Are you posting content consistently but not seeing much engagement? Well in this guide we layout 5 Steps to help you grow your Facebook Audience.


Step 1: Know Who You Want To Reach

If you’re like most Pastors and Leaders you may think you want to reach everyone but in reality everyone is not your audience. Think about your sermons and quotes, who will be more attractive to your content? Is it millennials? Is it Generation X? Are men more prone to following your ministry? Do women comment and respond to your content more frequently? Once you know exactly who you want to reach, you can create content around that particular audience. Here’s an example let’s say the people you want to reach are singles. You would post quotes or videos that would be relevant to a single person.


Step 2: Share your content

What’s the point of having content if no one knows it’s there. Facebook now has a lot of communities and groups. Join Christian groups that are relevant to you and your ministry. Once you’ve been in the group and know the rules introduce yourself and share some of your content. Don’t spam the group with all your content Facebook will block and ban you. Don’t only share your content but interact and engage in the group. In these groups you will notice people ask a lot of questions about spirituality and bible questions this is a great way to interact and share your expertise.


Step 3: Invite People to Like Your Page

If you have under 100k followers Facebook allows you to invite people who have liked or reacted to your post with just a simple click. If you go to one of your posts and you see likes and reactions. Click the reactions and Facebook will show you if this person is or isn’t connected to your page. If they aren’t connected you will see an option to invite that person to like your page. Be careful with using this feature if you do it too quickly, Facebook will give you a warning and you won’t be able to invite for a few hours. To be on the safe side, don’t do more than 50 in an hour.


Step 4: Connect with an Influencer

There are so many Christian Influencers on Facebook that finding one shouldn’t be hard. Influencers are the ones who have big audiences and more than likely they will share your content if it aligns with their brand and messaging. There may be a fee or some type of exchange that you may have to negotiate with the Influencer but this a great way to connect with a bigger audience.


Step 5: Create Viral Content

Going viral is not that hard these days especially on Facebook. Viral content is any type of posts that gets 10x the reach than your normal posts. You may be thinking what type of content should I create. Well this is dependent on your ministry but think about your sermons, what piece of the video will get people to react, comment, and share. Do you have a part of a sermon that’s controversial? Do you have a quote about relationships that would resonate with singles? Think about all these things when you are planning out your content. As of now, video seems to be going viral much faster than graphics or other types of posts. Don’t be afraid to look at other ministries and see what type of content is going viral for them.

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