Quick Recap of Catalyst 2016

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For those who work in ministry (or truly any leader looking for inspiration) Catalyst is an event that will rejuvenate you and give you incredible insight that you can take home and use to influence your daily walk. The theme of this year’s event dives into how Jesus calls us to live differently, to strive to come together through the community found in His kingdom despite the pressures of culture that try to tear that apart. With speakers such as Derwin Grey, Mike Foster, Craig Groeschel, and Andy Stanley, Catalyst is a three day event that will challenge you explore how to do just that in all areas of life and work.

image004 Here is an excerpt from Catalyst what they hope attendees at this year’s event will take to heart.

Uncommon Fellowship:

It’s common in our culture to sort, divide, and exclude; urging us to look out for ourselves, make it at all costs, and leave others in our wake.  But Jesus is building something uncommon.

This Uncommon Fellowship

Brings In

His fellowship is a household.  A place where we belong to each other, look out for each other, and build each other up.  A place where individuals are celebrated, not sorted.  In this family we are included, fathered, encouraged.

Looks Up

He cultivates this fellowship with His word.  He recasts fractured desires with His own.  He molds pride into humility.  He breathes into us, nurtures us, recreates us.

Reaches Out

His fellowship extends into the world.  It transcends boundaries. Challenges darkness with hope.  Enters the public square with humility and redefines the contours of culture with truth.


This profound truth is one that we all need to take the time to learn more about. Where you were able to attend Catalyst this year or not, these Catalyst Experience Kits will provide you with resources you need to dig into this life changing topic.

Wish you were here? Check in via Catalyst Live and zap into the conference anytime.

And while Catalyst is on your mind, go ahead and reserve your spot for Catalyst 2017. Take it from us, it’s one you won’t want to miss!

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