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Disruption in technology and the marketplace has become an expected and anticipated part of our existence. This occurs when an outlier—something deemed unimportant—quickly becomes the central theme of its paradigm. Today, we believe disruption will improve our lives. But what about the supernatural?

Jesus Christ came from the spiritual realm to disrupt the physical world. His life is an incredible example of the principle of disruption as “the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone.” (Acts 4:11 NIV) Jesus’ birth is an amazing reflection of God’s pursuit of man; a journey He has been on since the Fall of man in the Garden. From then until Jesus came to earth, God was seeking a relationship with man.

Jesus’ birth was an inter-dimensional invasion—the supernatural infiltrating the natural; the invisible invading the visible; the realm of God invading the realm of man. One of Jesus’ messages was that there is another dimension that can supersede, overrule, and override the physical dimension. All His miracles, as exciting as they were in the physical realm, showed us there was another dimension that could enter our world.

Jesus was constantly communicating and teaching the people that when He intervenes in the spiritual dimension, all other areas take care of themselves. In John 3 when Nicodemus comes to Him and asks, “What should I do to be saved?” Jesus says, “You must be born again.” Well, if something needs to be born again, then it was born, died, and now must be reborn. When we connect the dots back to man’s original design found in Genesis, the spirit of man and the spirit of God were in perfect communion. Then God says that the day you eat of this fruit you will die. Man disobeys God with spiritual death now placing man in a state of sin. Jesus then steps into that ecosystem and says, “You need to be born again” for the relationship to be restored.

When the spirit of man is born again, the suffering, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Christ is also a picture-perfect portrayal of what happens in man. We can now experience the reality of what happened at the cross, not just as a belief but also as a consequence of belief.

This brings us to what I call Crossruption—a combination of two words: cross and disruption. The son of a carpenter, born in a cattle shed, from an insignificant town geographically, despised by the religious system, embraced by the outcasts of society, called the “friend of sinners,” accused, abused, discriminated—Jesus was racially profiled and left for dead! This God-man has for the last 2,000 years led a grass-roots movement that has shaped human progress. He took on the established system and propelled a Person-led movement that has formed human civilization and history. How did He do this?

Throughout history, the focus has been that the actions of man should follow God and please Him. Jesus introduced a new paradigm where who we become takes precedence over what we do, setting a new methodology in motion where man’s activity is only a consequence of who we become. Jesus put it this way …

“Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.” (Matthew 23:26 NIV) “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.” (Matthew 7:18 NIV)You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14 NIV)

Jesus consistently taught that if the fruit is bad, that is a reflection of the tree. Fruit can’t be fixed so we must fix the tree. If there is light, it will shine. If there is darkness, there is no light. This is the cause and effect principle that Jesus introduced. Instead of focusing on how to improve behavior, He births a new nature. Paul said it this way: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV)

Twenty-first-century Christianity tries to fix the external, while biblical Christianity births a new creation in humanity, transforming the mind to the mind of Christ. When this happens, the lifestyle of Jesus flows out as a consequence.

Crossruption is a journey to understand and answer the fundamental questions of “Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, “Why am I here?”, and “Where am I going?” This is a disruption of life to get back to who we were always meant to be. There is an inner longing for fulfillment inside all of humanity that is a permanent constant, irrespective of external variables. Whether we are from the First World or Third World or anywhere in-between, we all know there is more to life than what we own. We try to fill the cosmic vacuum, the inner longing inside, with achievements and possessions. Yet, in our pain, we wonder why nothing fills this void.

Crossruption is a guide to being connected back to our Source, entering into a relationship with the Person of God Himself. This is an interdimensional journey where the human mind can cognitively experience God. The inner emptiness can only be filled through man partaking in the divine nature of God.

Crossruption is a journey to explore human spirituality. The cross of Christ bridges the gap between belief and behavior, providing an authentic spiritual rebirth and communion with God Himself. The cross opens the methodology for man to be adopted back into the family of God to experience son-ship identity with the embrace of the Father as an experiential reality. The cosmic vacuum now overflowing with God Himself. Man experiences an inner rest in the midst of external unrest, an inner constant inside, irrespective of external variables. This is the mystery of the cross of Christ experienced by mankind in an on-going transformational experience as a consequence of belief!

There is no greater purpose than to experience God as a reality in the inner sanctuary that exists in all humanity. There we find communion, communication, and companionship with the supernatural in the natural. When we experience love, we become love and therefore express love. The same is true for peace and joy and so on. The external expression becomes a consequence of an inner experience. Doing does not define the being, but the being defines the doing.

Crossruption outlines the methodology of how humanity can regain spirituality. God living in us was never meant to merely be believed, but literally experienced as a consequence of belief. There is a very real interplay between the spiritual dimension of God and the mind of man, which transforms the mind of man into the mind of Christ. Consequently, the body expresses the internal transformation. This is biblical Christianity. When there are external actions due to internal transformation, they are consistent, not circumstantial, locational, or emotional.

If you are tired of trying to “act like a Christian,” trying to “please God,” being someone on the outside while someone else on the inside, having achieved everything in the body and mind yet still longing for “something more,” Crossruption can become your journey and the journey becomes the destination!


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.52.13 PMAbout Jacob William: Jacob William is the President and Group CEO of Flatworld Solutions, a global corporation excelling in Information Technology and Business Consulting Services. Founded in 2002, Flatworld now has over 9,000 clients and 2000 employees in India, Colombia, the Philippines, Kenya, the United Kingdom and the United States. Jacob grew up in India’s diverse religious landscape, living among Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Suffering from severe asthma throughout school, he became addicted to alcohol and was hospitalized at only 18. Facing a life-or-death crossroads, his older brother asked him: “If you died tonight, where would you go?” After much soul searching, Jacob decided he needed a life reset. Crossruption is what he came to call his now on-going journey and his new book releasing from Westbow Press.
For more about Jacob William and Crossruption, go to www.Crossruption.com, and you can find out more at Crossruption’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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