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In my lifetime I haven’t seen as much anger and frustration expressed by so many professing Christians as I am seeing this election season. It is no secret that politicians are typically perceived in a negative light in America and around the world. They are often labeled by society as selfish, greedy, and power hungry. Because of this attitude towards them, many politicians have assumed an increasingly defensive posture in an atmosphere that has become heated at best and on occasion downright hostile. Today this labeling and the taking up of a defensive posture may be amped up a hundredfold.

So how is the Christian to respond in our contemporary political climate? What type of attitude should we assume when engaging and interacting with leaders of our state and our nation? Some might ask; “Does God have a heart for political leaders at all?” Capitol Commission believes that God not only has a heart for political leaders of nations, but He introduced his disciples to a clear strategy for reaching these leaders with the saving power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Understanding this strategy begins with knowing what the Scriptures teach regarding those who serve in political office – Romans 13 notes that all governing authorities are instituted by God (vs 1), they are God’s servants (vs 4), ministers of God (vs 6), and they are to be respected and honored (vs 7).

Quintus Tertullian, (155-220 AD) was a prolific early Christian author from Carthage in the Roman province of Africa. Tertullian writes, the Christian cannot but look up to the Emperor because he “is called by our Lord to his office.” And “Caesar is more ours than yours because our God appointed him.” Because elected officials have been appointed by the God we worship and serve, we are to respect and honor them. In fact I would go so far as to say, we should love them.

Loving and ministering to these political officials is the mandate of Capitol Commission. Currently providing pastoral care in twenty-three state capitols, the gospel of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed and the Word of God is faithfully being taught. Through prayer, a faithful presence, and a bold proclamation of the gospel, many lives are being changed. This ministry is undergirded by God’s promise that His Word will not go forth without accomplishing its purpose (Isaiah 55:11).

One of Capitol Commission’s stated purposes is to encourage and enable the church to participate in this ministry with us. If you are a pastor reading this article, please contact Capitol Commission via the information provided on the website, www.capitolcom.org. And if you would like to provide a tool for the members of your church to begin responding in obedience to Paul’s instruction to Timothy, that prayers be made for kings and all who are in high positions (1 Tim 2:1-4), use this website, www.pray1tim2.org. For a full understanding of God’s strategy for reaching the leaders of nations, it can be found in the book Christ’s Kingdom Commission, authored by David Andersen, State Minister for Capitol Commission Virginia.

Jim Young

President- Capitol Commission

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