“Help” me


“Hep me, Jack, Jack! Hep me Jack, Jack!” These sounds came from a visiting two-year old, desperately calling his brother for a little help. He was furiously building an important tower from Legos, and he knew his older brother could help, even when he couldn’t quite pronounce the word just right! Fast forward ten years or twenty years and that same little boy will have forgotten that those words should still be uttered! There will be very few cries for help, and those that come will come only after exhausting every possible solution known in one finite brain, namely that of self.

Why is that we humans struggle with asking for help? Sometimes pastors and church leaders are among the worst. Sure, building independence, looking confident and capable, gaining respect from others, and being successful are all reasons to do it ourselves! Yet, it really is quite the two-year old who says “Do it self!”. Refusing assistance, especially from others who may have real experience and wisdom to offer, is never going to contribute to any development and growth for the future!

hands reaching in trying to help man in middle that is drowning in black

When it comes to the world of missions, pastors and churches can really benefit from leaving behind the do-it-self mentality and reaching out for a little “hep me”. There are multiple organizations who are currently engaged in coaching churches through the process of identifying missions partners, identifying potential missionaries, seeking mission agencies with whom to send, and navigating the policies and procedures that should be implemented within a church. These organizations exist entirely to offer perspective, and they have the experience and knowledge to genuinely assist a pastor, church, and/or missions committee. Of course, acknowledging help is needed is the first step to solving any dilemma or issue!

Sometimes it takes an older brother to rescue, and other times it takes someone entirely removed from a situation. Interventions must be run, and outside advice and support can become the best asset to someone seeking a solution or a change. In terms of using an outside agency for assisting with missions development, this can result in removing the emotionally charged ties that have been built over the years. It can result in new ideas that come from a consultant or coach who has very possibly seen it all when it comes to different methods and means, all to accomplish the goal of spreading the gospel across the world.

Asking for help in ministry Hands held out in front together with the image of the world map

Why not consider checking out some of these organizations and what they have to offer? Each organization is set up slightly differently in the way they charge for services (or don’t charge for services) and in the way they offer training conferences, written materials, consulting, brainstorming sessions, assessments, and more. However, all of them are seeking to help churches and individuals to find their purpose in God’s kingdom for missions advancement and mobilization.

Check these out, and leave behind that do-it-self mentality. You will soon be anxious to say “Hep me, pwease!”  (Offered only in alphabetical order and in no particular order of recommendation)

Catalyst Services http://catalystservices.org/

Propempo International https://propempo.com/

Sixteen:Fifteen https://1615.org/

The Upstream Collective https://www.theupstreamcollective.org/

  Kirsten McClain serves as Assistant to the Executive Director for Propempo International. She has been serving churches and mission agencies for the last 20 years. She has a heart to see the church realize her potential in missions and is driven to be a mobilizer to this end. She lives in Georgia with her husband and three children, and she is ready to direct pastors to the various resources that Propempo uses to come alongside churches so that they can do missions well.

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