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For those of us who live in the United States and read and speak English, we have an amazing quality and quantity of Bible resources at our fingertips. That unfortunately is not the case for our sisters and brothers around the world whose primary language is not English. That is the need we are fighting to meet at Love God Greatly through the resources and Bible studies we create. Our mission is to fight biblical illiteracy in as many languages as God gives us around the world. 

Women are hungry for the Word of God, desperate for Bible study resources written with them in mind in their heart language. I saw this truth personally in 2020 as the world succumbed to the COVID19 pandemic. As country borders closed, travel halted, and churches moved online, women around the world went online as well, searching for truth. Before COVID19 my ministry team of translators were translating our Bible studies into 25 different languages. During an eight-month period starting in May of 2020, we gained one new language a month for a total of 33 languages at the close of 2020. My team and I were astonished and amazed when we calculated how many new languages God had brought to us in such a short amount of time. Women from Africa, Europe, and Asia were contacting us wanting to help translate our studies so that their women who read and speak their language could have our Bible studies in their native language, too. 

I remember a few years ago traveling to Budapest, Hungary, and speaking at a conference there.

After the conference, I handed out copies of one of our Love God Greatly Bible studies in Hungarian. As I gave the printed studies out to the women standing in line to talk to me, tears began to fill their eyes. They explained how much it meant to them to have a beautiful, quality Bible study written for them in the Hungarian language. These Bible studies were a tangible display for them of how much they are known, seen, and loved by God. Having those studies in their hands to see and experience made them feel loved, seen, and known. I’ll never forget that moment because not only did it impact them, it impacted me too. No longer did I want to take for granted the blessing I had in having so many wonderful Bible resources in my language and at my fingertips. 

Recently I heard a testimony from one of our translation teams in South America.

Our branch leader shared how a woman in a local coffee bean company was disciplining a group of women during their lunch breaks using our Bible studies. Many women in the group could not read so she printed the studies and read them aloud to the group. This was the first time many of the group members were able to memorize God’s Word for themselves. It was transformative for these women to memorize God’s Word, having it to think about as they went about their days and shared God’s truth with their families and friends. 

God is actively moving around the world.

He is moving in ways to make His Word more accessible to those who want to know Him. He is not silent nor is He passive. God is on the move! Our ministry had the great opportunity to publish a Bible this past fall. We were able to share more testimonies of women from around the world sharing how God is moving in their lives and in their hearts right in their own countries. It’s a beautiful reminder to all of us that God is indeed working as women around the world search for His truth. He will make Himself known. As the world seems to be getting darker, God’s light to the nations is shining brighter than ever. 

Angela Perritt is the founder and director of, a nonprofit online Bible study ministry fighting Biblical illiteracy in over two hundred countries around the world in 33 languages. Their most current releases are two new Bibles—the Love God Greatly Bible and the Young Women Love God Greatly Bible. She and her husband live in Dallas, Texas with their three daughters. Angela is passionate about God’s Word and believes one woman in God’s Word can change a family, community and ultimately a nation. 

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