Business or Body: What is the Church?

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Many are predicting that possibly in a decade or so, Christianity will no longer be the prominent religion in America! So, how do we get church folks to hang around and remain part of the local body of believers? Do we hire marketing specialists or church consultants or get a big-name preacher to come in to stir the waters?

Businesses that excel and grow satisfy customer’s needs.

So, what do people really need? Better music? Better coffee? Slicker promos? I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with being professional or doing what we do with all our hearts to the Lord. What do these people need? They need a Saviour! If we fail to extend the life-changing gospel as a result of a life-changing Saviour, all we have is an empty carcass that has been gutted of the true life on the inside. An empty shell…

I believe it was David Ogilvy who said, “Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.” Again, I don’t think there is anything wrong with marketing and making people feel loved and welcomed when it comes to church. The most important thing, though, is people feeling Jesus’ love and welcomed by Him as they are immersed in His presence. We still need the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit operating in our churches. This “product” truly is transformational.

How do we keep the church alive and relevant?

By offering that which is never outdated. Salvation is not a word to shy away from. People need saved because they are lost. Many are lost because they are bobbing around in a foaming sea of feel-good sermons, unbiblical opinions and flimsy theology. How do we make a difference in a culture that seems to be increasingly hostile toward Christianity? One way we don’t do it is to compromise truth. We dare not act arrogantly, judgmental or forget where we came from. We also dare not think that dimming our light will help others find their way.

No Jesus, no power.

No Jesus, no change. No Jesus, no peace, No Jesus, no hope. The truth is that where there is no Jesus, there is also no life and the only place that thrives without life is a graveyard. We desperately need the life of Jesus flowing in our lives and in the life of our churches. Jesus clearly stated that we would receive power after the Holy Spirit came upon us. (Ac. 1:8) We really do need that power in the church today.

I’m not trying to intimate that the only way to have life in any church is a full-on Pentecostal, 440 volt experience! However, 220 volts or even 110 volts in some churches certainly wouldn’t hurt and may even give those bound in darkness and addictions hope that there is a power greater than their will.

Can you imagine what would happen if the church’s light in America went out? There are those who are predicting that it will. I, for one, don’t want my light to dim, but burn even brighter. I’m a fool to think I can do it on my own! I’m also a fool to think God doesn’t want our lights on high beams! Hope is not lost. The fire has not gone out. The church is still God’s best hope for the world…IF she has Jesus at the center. (Col. 1:18) May God pour out His presence in your church, Pastor, and answer your prayers for a move of His Spirit as it waters the seeds you have sown throughout your ministry!

Pastor John Adams recently retired after 40 years in ministry in only two churches. He has also been a Law Enforcement Chaplain for over 15 years, still serves on the regional SWAT team as commander of the crisis negotiation unit, and just published: “Three Keys to Living the Dream: How to survive your law enforcement career and retire victoriously…on your terms!” He can be reached at: John C Adams Author on FB and

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