Four Cancer and Disease Prevention Tips to Keep Pastors Healthy

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Nothing impacts a church family more than the sting of cancer or a life-threatening disease, especially when the journey involves the loss of life or the pastor. Research clearly shows that lifestyle is the major player in many diseases including cancer, and underlying conditions play a role with COVID-19. Here are four prevention tips that reduce our risk for cancer, diseases, and viruses including Covid-19. After all, who is there to look after the flock, if the pastor goes down!

Hydrate properly.

Give your bodies an immune boost by drinking two glasses of water after rising and drinking half your weight in fluid ounces daily. Why? Because our immune function and every cell and system in our bodies require adequate water to function properly. The mucus in our respiratory system and sinus cavity provides a crucial barrier against infections and COVID-19 and is empowered by water. Unfortunately, most Americans are living their lives dehydrated. Our bodies need for water is almost as critical as our need for food and oxygen. This life giving elixir is free, so drink up.

Keep moving.

Our bodies work best when we move during the day. Movement increases the production of our immune killer B and T cells. It also helps our lymphatic system take out the trash from our bodies. The sedentary lifestyle contributes to many diseases. Even during a quarantine, movement should continue to be a daily habit because it enhances every system in our bodies and lessens that part of the job that every pastor must deal with—stress!

Allow your body to heal and repair with restorative sleep.

While you are reading this article, your body is performing miracles to protect you from disease. When you are in deep sleep, the miracles of healing increase exponentially. Our bodies heal, repair and detox when we sleep. Melatonin, a hormone created in deep sleep, is a major cancer fighter and immune builder. Your healing can be as close as your pillow—and it’s free. If you are exposed to COVID-19 and you engage in deep sleep on a regular basis, it will be less likely to activate in your body.

Use nutrient-dense food to nourish your gut and body.

We are what we eat. Our bodies can be strengthened through eating a nutrient-rich, more plant-based diet. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and phytochemicals which boost our immune systems and prevent cancer. Highly processed foods, excessive sugar, and fried foods suppress our immune systems. Gluten, dairy and food allergies can suppress the immune system in some people.

Our gut lining is where 70 percent of our immune system is located. When this lining is properly nourished with probiotics such as yogurt and fermented foods along with prebiotic fiber from fruits and vegetables, it allows the good nutrients to flow throughout our body and keeps the bad stuff out. Research shows that a healthy gut can take care of many germs and viruses, and it’s an important part of our God-designed, protective armor.

I’ve just given you four inexpensive ways to prevent cancer and lessen your susceptibility to many diseases including COVID-19. With cancer rates increasing yearly and this pandemic continuing to hover over our churches and communities, it’s time we come up with a plan to boost our own God-given immune systems. By following CDC guidelines, we lessen our exposure to COVID-19. When you take care of your temple by doing these four things, it gives you an added hedge of protection so you can tend to the flock.

your god given healing

Ginny Dent Brant is a counselor, educator, speaker, and wellness advocate. Her recent book, “Unleash Your God-given Healing: Eight Steps to Prevent and Survive Cancer,” was written with an oncologist and won a Golden Scrolls Award.  Cancer prevention blog at

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