God’s Grace in Using Your Free Will for the Better


Decide never to misuse or abuse your free will to indulge in your fallen human nature. In the physical world, falling is easier than climbing. Climbing takes effort; to fall, all you have to do is let go. Because of the law of gravity, the natural state of any object is to seek the lowest place; it requires no thought and no effort. The same is true in your life. It’s very easy to fall in with the crowd. Raising your life to a higher plane requires work and constant attention. As a sin-fallen creature, your natural state is to indulge your corrupt and depraved, fallen nature (the flesh). Even as a Christian, that fallen nature remains your default state, the “lowest place” you can always slip into unless you take a conscious and deliberate action to do otherwise. Your free will can be misused and abused—even at the expense of others. Christians’ spiritual freedom is being abused in epidemic proportions today because God’s undeserved grace is being misrepresented and misinterpreted, and many have fallen prey to many fancy-foot-loose talking preachers. Don’t be fooled! The ultimate consequences and implications are more far-reaching than what they are preaching—rotting the hearts of the hearers. God does not and will never lower His standard so you can feel better about living in obstinate behavior. Free will is never a license to sin or have a continual heyday in wrongful behavior. The will of the heavenly Father is that your new nature dominates you, through the power of the Holy Spirit and His Word, to rise above sin, and live a life of righteousness that pleases God. As a believer, your free will gives you the ability to deny your fallen fleshly nature and pursue the higher road of holiness, purity, integrity, righteous living, and obedience to God instead of filling your life up with the wrong thing. Don’t give into uncontrolled and wrong behaviors, wrong thinking, and wrong actions, which contaminate your mind and spirit. Stay on the right road and renew your mind with God’s Word. However, this takes time and effort; it requires diligence, determination, and deliberate intent. It always pays rich dividends to follow God’s laws and His ways. Serving and obeying the Lord always pays off!

When dealing with any problem, the simplest approach is usually the best. In your spiritual life as a believer, work to train yourself (spirit and mind) not to misuse your free will or indulge in the ungodly demands and urges of the nature of the flesh—which often appear to be more attractive. At the same time, recognize that your will-power alone is not enough to achieve consistent success. You must also call on the power of God’s Spirit to help you make healthy and holy decisions that will keep your mind and behavior on that higher road which is that “narrow . . . road that leads to life” (Matt. 7:14 NIV). Satan will always try to drag you down, to get you to cater to your old sinful nature. Don’t let him do it. But also, don’t try to resist him in your own strength; stand up to him in the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s what Paul was getting at when he wrote, “Neither give place to the devil” (Eph. 4:27 ASV). In other words, if the devil doesn’t have a foothold in your life, then he cannot gain the opportunity to work severe havoc and it will be impossible for him to defeat you. Humble submission to God gives you access to the divine power to resist and prevail in every situation. Enjoy your Christian freedom and salvation without misuse and abuse!

why do good people suffer bad thingsAbout the author: TR Williams is a gifted lecturer, author, communicator, family counselor, and spiritual-life coach—30 years strong. He is the founder and president of Empower Life Inc.: a nonprofit whose aim and mission delivers a message of hope, empowerment, encouragement, and leadership to individuals who seek success and advancement in life. TR Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota; a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota; and an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities from St. Thomas College in Jacksonville, Florida. He has received numerous accolades and awards for his contributions on leadership development. TR Williams and his wife are the proud parents of three children.

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