God’s Time Principles


Genesis chapter one is amazing. God accomplished so much, so fast. These were the most productive days in history. And that’s where we can draw out some of God’s time principles.

He focused on one type of task each day. He had an orderly plan. He made what was needed first and built on that.

He sorted the heavenly from the earth and divided time into segments of days, hours, and seasons. We can’t do everything in a day or even a year, but God will continue to give us new days.

God first made light. We need light to see and we need to be en-light-ened. We need to seek the light first, before plunging ahead in darkness and chaos. That’s why we need prayer and Scripture first. Then God devoted his time to fruitfulness. He created plants that produce fruit, creatures that multiply, and man to whom he gave a purpose that can continue to be productive. He also created a helper for man as he knew we need to work with others. And still, he took time to rest and enjoy his workmanship.

As pastors, strive for the light first. Find God’s wisdom.

  • Focus efforts on areas where you can sow to produce fruit and allocate different tasks to different days, such as a day to prepare your homily or ministry activity, a day for prayer, a day for counseling others, and a day for administration, meetings, and planning.
  • Sort out the needs and benefits of tasks, both eternal ones and mundane ones.
  • Look to build a team of helpers instead of being a lone super-pastor.
  • Take time to rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Karen Whiting is an international speaker, former television host, and the author of eighteen books, including Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front.

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