Hitting a Wall in Ministry

Inspiration, Pastor's Life, Perspectives, VIDEO

Joel Bruce with H2 Ministry shares his story of working in ministry and being wounded by a pastor in leadership over him. He tells how he hit the wall in ministry and how working through the hurt and pain ultimately had a positive impact on his life.

Don’t let the hurt of ministry get a hold of you. Find ways to learn from it. Don’t get focused on the hurt and let it control you. Move on from it and then the hurt can have a powerful, positive impact on your life.

When you feel like giving up, when you hit a wall in ministry, that’s when we need to stay in the race. Instead of leaving the race from being wounded, know that we live in a fallen world and you will find times when you are hurt and wounded by other people. But, never let them crush your call. Your call comes from God, not from man.

He loves me and thinks I’m great – and same is true for every pastor out there working in ministry.

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