How Fun Can Kickstart Your Team’s Creativity


No matter how creative (or not) you may be, sometimes all your team needs for a morale boost is a fun-filled day. It can dramatically lighten the mood around the office to get everyone laughing, and you could likely use a mental break yourself!

Remember, this means you get to put your worries aside for the day as well. Encourage all staff (you’re included) to turn their phones off (or at least limit use to a minimum) and instead interact with each other face to face.

You’re probably familiar with team-building exercises like ropes courses, a bowling day, picnics, and the like. And while those are great ways to get out of the building and blow off steam, here are some additional ideas to try for when you want to think outside the box, or when you don’t have a full day to spare with your team.

Outdoors adventures:

  1. Camping/hiking trip (if you have a weekend to spare)
  2. Canoeing/rafting/boating (also good for a day or weekend)
  3. A walk in the park (Find a theme park or state park near you!)
  4. Visit a botanical garden or butterfly conservatory to enjoy God’s handiwork.
  5. Check out your local zoo!

Around-town fun:

  1. Mini-golf (Even better, see if your town has glow-in-the-dark mini-golf!)
  2. Movies and lunch
  3. Adult day-out at a local museum, science center, or cultural center
  4. Dinner and karaoke
  5. A clean comedy show

During or after your fun-filled activity, make sure you leave some time to talk about the positive things you see your team doing, and invite each team member to give honest feedback on what they love most about their role, and if there’s anything else they’d love to be part of. This shouldn’t turn into a conversation about job performance, overall job satisfaction, or a time to list all the things that aren’t going right. This time is to specifically call out your staff for the great things they do, to encourage creativity, and to invite team bonding in ways that aren’t as effortless behind four walls and fluorescent lighting.

Note: Because you may not be able to close the entire church building for the day (or time you’ve selected), recruit qualified volunteers to step into the necessary roles so your entire staff can participate!


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