How to be Faithful in the Midst of Fear

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We’d all like to say we’re faithful in the midst of fear, but the truth is the COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event. None of us expected the pandemic; neither is this the spring we wanted or planned. Fortunately, God knew about the global tragedy long before we were born. Easy to say and yet not so easy to endure.

Fear is real.

Fear is paralyzing.

Fear shakes our focus.

Fear causes us to ask why.

Fear shoves us into rage and panic.

Fear shakes our faith when we long to be strong.

Perhaps the question isn’t about the existence or nonexistence of the COVID-19 fear, but how we can be faithful in the midst of an extreme challenge. God cares about us more than we can imagine. We are the center of His attention, the apple of His eye (Deuteronomy 32:10). He has sent us home for a purpose, perhaps to repair our hearts and rekindle our love for Him.

Take a look at five ways we can be faithful to God during this time.

  1. Show love to others. I’ve heard and read so many ways others have shown how faith is love in action. Perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18).

Get involved with drive-by birthday, anniversary, and special party celebrations. Participants mount signs on the tops and sides of vehicles while music plays and those inside the vehicles wave.

Spend quality time with your family—art, games, cooking, hobbies, long walks, movies, and outside activities.

Create food and gift ideas for first responders and drop them off at a designated spot.

  1. Serve those in need. A servant’s heart mirrors Jesus’.

Help construct and distribute masks for first responders involved with critical health and emergency situations.

Prepare meals for shut-ins and leave the food at the recipient’s front door.

Complete yard work for someone unable to do their own.

Send cards, letters, and online encouragement that is serious and humorous.

  1. Offer hope and encouragement to every person we encounter. Children might not enjoy schoolwork at home. Parents who are accustomed to working outside the home experience fear and worry over the loss of income. Working from home requires discipline and the ability to perform tasks in solitude. The movie Home Alone entertained us, but when we encounter loneliness, we can become depressed.
  2. Pray expectantly for leaders all over the world to find medical and financial solutions. Encourage others to hold on to their faith. Pray with and for them.
  3. Read the Bible for strength, wisdom, and guidance. All the answers to our problems are in God’s Word. Study and meditate. Dive into a Bible study. This can be a shared activity with those inside your home or online.

It’s been said, “What you feed grows.” Join me in a commitment to feed acts of love, service, and hope to grow our faith.

Are you struggling to find faith in the midst of fear? Replace the anxiety by ministering to others, and watch peace replace your fears.


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