Negative News, Growing Churches

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If you’re listening to the mainstream media and their negative news, you’d never know that churches across America are growing at such an encouraging rate.


…You noticed the parking lots on the way to your own church — they’re packed! (Even my own church just expanded into an overflow room earlier this year.)

So if you’re questioning what your own eyes are seeing, below is one of the most balanced sampling of churches across the US, of all denominations and of all sizes.

Instead of the news, trust the facts from actual pastors who have been faithfully responding to our surveys for over twenty years!

Church Growth and Attendance

I hope you’re encouraged by what God is doing. There’s revival spreading once again (from Asbury to now even secular campuses), films sharing the Good News in ways we never thought possible, and the next generation is being impacted by it all.

Be Bold. Be Courageous. TRUST GOD.

Dave Wike
President, Pastor Resources
Founder, Pastor Box

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