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Nashville, Tenn. (September 1, 2015) — Trusted offer-based print publication Pastor Resources unveils a brand-new content-rich website today at Beyond a new modern and sleek design and user-friendly interface, Pastor Resources is introducing original content aimed at world-weary pastors in need of fresh inspiration, spiritual encouragement and emotional support.

“While there’s an abundance of content to help pastors grow their church, become better leaders or run a better fundraising campaign, there doesn’t seem to be a comparable amount of content helping pastors deal with the struggles that tear at them on a more personal level on a daily basis,” offers Dave Wike, President of Pastor Resources’ parent company, JCA Company. “All of these struggles quickly lead to depleted inspiration and eventually complete burnout.”

From diffusing spats between congregants and grieving alongside their flock to attempting to appease a diverse range of opinions and fielding an endless stream of criticisms, pastors bear a tremendous weight on behalf of their congregation. When they’re expected to navigate other people’s everyday problems with skill and grace, oftentimes the mounting pressure becomes overwhelming and can quickly lead to depression and burnout. In addition, the business side of church often leaves pastors disgruntled and confused when their calling conflicts with their daily responsibilities of running the “business” of a church.

It’s no secret that pastor burnout is common, simply because pastors are the first to meet the needs of others, often at the expense of their own physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. While they’re busy taking care of everyone else, who’s taking care of the pastor?

“My goal with launching the new is to provide an outlet for pastors to find the encouragement, support and insight they need to become a stronger and emotionally healthier person, husband, father, and yes, pastor,” Wike shares.

Since 2003, Pastor Resources has been providing lay leaders with practical items for use in their churches from A/V equipment to building furnishings, as well as an assortment of books, DVDs and music helping to aid their daily commitments to their respective congregations. While the popular advertising-based offers will still be circulated to more than 100,000 churches through the print arm of Pastor Resources and the company’s popular iPad and Android apps, the website will focus on the emotional well-being of church leaders with dynamic content centered around real-life issues pastors across the nation face every day.

With a wide range of resources providing support for the pastor, not just from other church leaders, but also from family members, congregants and spouses, Pastor Resources seeks to be a one-stop resource for leaders of all ages and stages of ministry. With an intentional editorial calendar geared toward not only pastors but also their wives and children, content will be updated on a regular basis providing a new leading destination for church leaders.

Advertising space is available on the site immediately, and editorial opportunities are also open to pastors (or pastors’ wives, seminary students, or Christians in general) interested in guest blogging about their real-life experiences.

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Pastor Resources is a comprehensive advertising publication mailed to 100,000 of the most responsive churches in the United States – the strongest responding circulation of pastors-by-name available. Church leaders across the nation rely on Pastor Resources to learn about the latest products and services that impact their congregation, services, operations, and every other aspect of running a church.

For 14 years, Pastor Resources’ parent company, JCA Company has been serving those who serve the church. By presenting resources to pastors from like-minded organizations, as well as providing guidance from proven leaders in ministry, JCA Company connects pastors with the tools they need to succeed.

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