Pastor swarmed and arrested by police

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I’ve been a full time Sr. Pastor for 37 years and a Law Enforcement chaplain to 4 local agencies for about 13 years. I also serve as a Crisis Negotiator and Chief Drone Pilot on our regional SWAT team. Working with the fine men and women in Law Enforcement, I’ve seen more than my fair share of traumatic events.

All that being the case, one of the worst things I’ve seen is the arrest of Polish Pastor, Artur Pawlowski, the Pastor of the Cave of Adullam Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. No one expected these types of things to happen this fast in Canada!

This pastor’s freedom was almost doomed from the very first day he kicked, what he called, the Nazis, out of his church during Easter service. I’ve also traveled to China 3 times and taught pastors of the underground church and know what it is like to operate clandestinely. That, my friends, is where the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) rules. And now they rule with a far more iron hand than they did during my visits. Almost 600 million cameras observing almost every move of every citizen while ranking them and rewarding or punishing them for their behavior.

That couldn’t happen here in the USA, right?

Think again!

Calgary is only about 150 miles from the U.S. border in Montana and only about 1600 miles from where I live. What was this pastor arrested for? Following the scriptures, his conscience while unwaveringly feeding the sheep he served.

Oh, I know, the left will say it was for defying health orders that were mandated for “our protection.” This Polish pastor well knew the history of the Nazi regime and the price Polish Jews eventually paid for following orders for “their protection.” It’s no wonder, from Pastor Artur’s perspective, why he chose to call them Nazis and Gestapo.

It’s not that bad in the U.S….yet…except for draconian lockdown and mask mandates. But rest assured, if the current direction of our great country is not altered, I could be one the next pastors arrested, because I will NOT close the doors of the church I am privileged to pastor. I’m here for the people who need to gather together to worship God and hear his word. I’m a civilian (not sworn) working in and with some of the finest Law Enforcement agencies in our area. But rest assured, if I was asked or ordered to participate in the arrest of a fellow pastor for fulfilling his duties before his God, I would refuse and resign.

At some point, as pastors, we must stiffen our spines and stand against the “prophets” of Baal. Our current social conflict is not between the right and the left. It is not between Republicans and Democrats.

This conflict, as with King David of old while facing the giant, is between the false god of totalitarianism and the true living God of creation.

Choose you this day, whom you will serve!

The cost may be great, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. We either stand together or hang alone. I’m IN and want to stand for my great God and my great country, how about you?

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