Podcast Episode 1 – Churches Reopening – Bob Franquiz Part 1

Covid 19, Podcast

Dave Wike speaks with Bob Franquiz about how churches are dealing with reopening.

Hey guys, this is Dave Wike with Pastor Resources. You may remember back in early March we sent out a bunch of resources right when COVID took off and it became quite a crisis for the church. There was a little bit of silence, we spent that time redesigning the website for you and providing some new opportunities. But, we wanted to spend some time today addressing the fact that churches are reopening and have been here for a while. I wanted to bring in not only and expert but a pastor, who I respect alot, Bob Franquiz…

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About Senior Pastor Bob Franquiz
Bob Franquiz is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Miramar, FL. Bob is also the author of seven books, including Pull: Making your Church Magnetic and Begin: First Steps for the Journey of Faith. Prior to entering Pastoral ministry, Bob played guitar for Christian Hardcore band Strongarm; a band that has been called one of the best Christian Metal bands of all time.

About Dave Wike
Dave Wike and his wife, Margie, live in Carolina Beach, NC with their four kids and their dog, Happy. When he’s not serving pastors, you can find him strumming his guitar, surfing, or hanging out with his family. He loves the Lord, and feels as though he has called him to caring for pastors time and time again.

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