The Power of Live Stream

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We live in a very digital world and if your church or ministry is anywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and all the other social media networks you know that these platforms offer live stream. Live Stream is a feature that allows you to stream your content onto social media platforms. If the live stream feature is used properly it can help grow your ministry. Live Stream is powerful and it allows you to connect with people beyond the four walls of the church. You may be thinking what is there to stream outside of a regular church service? Well, there’s a plethora of events, activities, and services that you can broadcast.

Here are 5 things you can stream on social media to help grow and engage your audience.


Bible Study

Bible Study in most churches is more of an intimate setting, it breeds a teaching environment. Broadcasting this can help teach and edify your audience. It allows your audience to comment in real time and it allows your ministry to be shared with others throughout the world.



Conferences are great to share and broadcast via live stream. This gives your social audience a chance to learn more about your ministry, connect with new speakers and get even more connected to your ministry. This again allows great engagement and it gives your audience a chance to partner and sow into your ministry.


Prayer Calls and Prayer Services

Prayer Calls and Prayer services are another way to get live interaction and give your ministry a chance to minister and pray for people throughout the world. This allows a deeper spiritual connection. This makes the people that interact with you to know you care and to know that someone is agreeing with them in prayer.


Community Events

Community Events are a great way to show the world what your ministry does on a local level. This is great to even show your local audience how your ministry serves and helps others. Events like Local food drives and feeding the homeless not only shows the heartbeat of your ministry but it can open the door for people to partner with your ministry.


1 on 1 Intimate

1 on 1 Intimate live stream can also be a great way to intimately interact with your audience. You or someone from your ministry can do live Q&A or you can come on and just share an encouraging word. This allows your audience to see another side of you and your ministry. It gives a deeper sense of connection.

So, now that we know different types of services and events that are great for streaming, let’s talk about the power of live streaming. I have had a lot Pastors and Leaders ask me all the time, does my live stream need to be fancy? Can I stream in my office? Do I have to be in the sanctuary to stream live? From my experience with helping Pastors getting setup with live stream people respond better when it’s authentic and real no extra signage or special studio-set. People respond better to realness. The Pastors that come on and do live stream at their desk have gotten better results than the production and studio setups.

Another power of live stream is people are more likely to watch a live video than a pre-recorded or regular uploaded video. As people scroll through their timeline on a platform like Facebook people will stop and tune in when a video is live and will interact if it piques their interest. There are about 5 reasons why people watch live stream videos which are to stay up-to-date, to be informed, to get in involved, to stay connected with the world and they are looking to be excited.


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