Resources from the Humanitarian Disaster Institute

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  1. Reopening the Church Guide –

    We launched brand new manual last Friday: Guide to Reopening Church Services: A Step-by-Step, Biblically-Based and Research-Based Approach to Resuming In-Person Ministries. This 26-page manual can be downloaded at:

  2. Spiritual First Aid Manual –

    Our Spiritual first aid: A step-by-step disaster spiritual and emotional care manual (COVID-19 edition) was developed to address mental health issues caused by COVID-19. This is the first research-based disaster spiritual care intervention and manual of its kind, designed specifically for equipping lay helpers to provide COVID-19 support while physically distancing and staying at home. It is based on 15 years of research and 4 years of field testing. We also launched a new resource website on disaster spiritual and emotional care that includes free resources like an online course on preventing burnout and compassion fatigue that can be found at:

  3. Family COVID-19 Toolkit –

    We created a compilation of our resources curated by our team and students especially to help parents, caregivers, and teachers care for their children and families in these unprecedented times:

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