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Conflict resolution is an interesting idea, but it is often very difficult to achieve. It’s no wonder that so many Christians rightly solicit the wise counsel of their pastor. The only problem with that is that scheduling time with a pastor can be difficult, and often the need for resolution is immediate.

What if there were a way that you could give the people in your congregation access to a simple 8 step conflict resolution process that would help them focus on solutions, not symptoms? What if this tool were integrated with their smart phone, and if things became too difficult, it could connect them with a licensed counselor in their area? What if such a tool were free to you and free to your people? This is exactly what the new RSLV app was created for.

As a pastor and counselor, I discovered that often times people could resolve their issues if they just had a tool or a road map handy to help them out. RSLV is that tool that provides the direction they need.

One of my favorite features is how it integrates with the calendar app on my iPhone. In my house we live and die by the calendar and if it isn’t scheduled, it often doesn’t happen.

RSLV does more than just remind me that I have an matter I need to resolve. The 8 step process that the app is built around is simple and keeps you focused on the actual problem, rather than the consequences that demand our attention. It also helps each person own their own contributions to the issue so that resolution can occur. The app even has a built in cooling period so you can take a break if you need to, and even reschedule for another time, if emotions run too high.

In perhaps it’s most innovative feature, the app even helps connect you with a licensed counselor in your area who can help you overcome your struggles in person or via video through your phone.

Our relationships are important. In a day when it seems that we are busier than ever, having a tool like RSLV to help us find effective and efficient conflict resolution is indispensable.

Kelly Rhoades is the founding pastor of LifePoint Church in Lebanon, MO. He is married to Bridget and is father to 4 amazing kids. He speaks and blogs about leadership, marriage and family, church, and personal growth. To learn more check out his blog at kellyrhoades.com.

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