The Church and Today’s Single Mom


Is your largest mission field in your neighborhood? Single moms and their families are one of the most unchurched population segments.

  • One in four homes is single-mom led
  • 50 percent of American children will live in a single parent home before age 18
  • 85 percent of solo moms and their families do not attend church
  • most single moms feel alone, isolated, and judged

Yet, single moms are not alone: nationally 15 million solo moms are raising 22 million children. 

Most solo parents began in a committed relationship and never anticipated raising a child alone. The church is the ideal place for single parent families to experience the Ephesians 3:16-19 love of God.

Meet today’s single mom.

  • 3/4 of single moms have full-time careers
  • less than half receive government assistance
  • most single moms who do receive government assistance, do so only until they can support their family on their own
  • less than half receive child support
  • for those who do receive child support, the average is less than $6000 yearly
  • 40 percent of single moms are over 40 years old
  • 100 percent wish the cleaning fairy showed up weekly to leave everything sparkling and something delish simmering in the oven

What does the single mom need? 

Single mom is a relationships status. The status can change but being a parent continues. Solo moms want the same things as all parents; to provide a nurturing home, and raise healthy children that are personally responsible and contribute to society. Committed and dedicated, these team players value health, financial security, and relationships with friends. 

Hope and healing come from relationship with Jesus. At church, the single mom and her children can find that the door is open, there is a place for them, and someone will introduce them to the Source of hope, salvation, and unconditional love. 

A church can offer these tangible helps 

  • Regular childcare 
  • Excellent children’s programs
  • Welcome and inclusion in church life (Many single moms prefer not to be relegated to the singles group) 
  • Support, mentors, and friends
  • Hope more than advice

Like others in the congregation, single moms want

  • Genuine friendship
  • People to do life with
  • Someone to sit with 
  • The occasional hand with household maintenance
  • Fun and laughter
  • Voices other than her own to sort through life decisions
  • A small group
  • The Word of God

What does the child of a solo parent home need?

Like all children, the child of a solo parent wants to be recognized as an individual and not as that kid from a single parent home. The church can

  • Invite and welcome the child into church activities
  • Ask about the child’s interests and school 
  • If helpful, pair the child with a senior who can listen to the child read aloud and help with school work
  • Perhaps be a place the child can do homework between when school lets out and mom gets home from work

Those who attend church, and those yet to come, share two common denominators; we all long to connect and belong, and we all need a Savior. At its best, church is the place where grace is lived out, and where relationship with Jesus Christ grows. 

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