“Today in the City of David a Savior has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord!” (Luke 2:11 BSB)

“Mary! It’s just as the Lord promised! We have a beautiful baby boy. I’ll wash him and wrap him in these strips of cloth and bring him back to you.”

“Please hurry, Joseph. I can’t wait to hold him.”

“There, all clean now. Here you go.”

“Oh, Joseph, he is so beautiful. Even after knowing that he was placed into my womb from heaven, I never imagined he would be this lovely.

“Look. He’s sleeping now.”

“Yes, he is so at peace. I’m tired, too. I should put him down so he can continue to sleep, but where?

“I know, Mary. A stable is poorly equipped to house a newborn baby. Wait! Look here. I’ll put some fresh hay into this manger and my cloak over the hay like so. There, a bed fit for a king!”


“Michael, look! The King is born.”

“Yes, Gabriel, I see. Isn’t it wonderful? What was promised so long ago has finally come to pass.”

“This truly is a day for rejoicing! Isn’t it, Michael?

“That it is, Gabriel. That it is. Oh, if only that poor world could see what we angels see. If it only knew what we angels know. If it only understood what glory it was being visited with this night, how the world would sing and shout and rejoice!”

“Yes, I know, Michael. But, isn’t it amazing that such a tiny figure as that baby in the manger is the promise one, the deliverer, the Immanuel? Just look at those tiny hands.”

“Those hands created the universe, Gabriel.”

“And, such tiny, little feet . . .”

“Remember, those feet once rested on the world as their footstool. And, that tiny mouth that can only suckle and cry now, once spoke everything that exists into being from nothing at all. And those wee shoulders uphold all creation, and . . . Come, the Father bids us to send a detail to announce the good news to those shepherds over there.”

“Michael, isn’t it all just so wonderful? Isn’t HE wonderful?
“Yes, Gabriel. He is wonderful!

“Joseph, isn’t he just wonderful?

“Yes, Mary, he is wonderful!


Dear friend, isn’t He just wonderful?

© Paul R Downing

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