You can’t say that!

Current Events

Those words are becoming more and more common these days. Not only are people, usually people on the more conservative side, being told they can’t say certain things, it is now creeping into the arena of our thoughts.

Who would have ever thought that a sitting President would label America-loving patriots domestic terrorists for wanting

  • fair
  • accurate
  • trustworthy


It is absolutely mind-boggling to witness the “culture vultures” circle the downed body of free thought, waiting for it to die so it can be consumed once and for all. Then they will bury its body so deep that most Americans will not remember that it once existed and was THE hallmark and theme of America. 

Freedom of expression?

Freedom to express one’s self vaulted America forward to become THE nation that people from all over the world, for over two hundred years, have scraped and saved to be able to immigrate to. Also, freedom to think, discuss, and even argue, was the whetstone that honed the sharp edges of our constitution. All of these things were built on the biblical premise that man is a free, moral, agent able to choose his destiny for good or evil. Free moral agency means that there will be bad choices made. For those who choose to cross that moral line and damage others for their own benefit, laws were written and justice meted out for trespassers. Those trespasses have always been in the form of actions. Yes, there were also such things as treasonous and blasphemous words whose definitions have changed throughout our history. 

The Crossing

However, we are now crossing over into territory our great nation has not witnessed heretofore. We are being labeled and silenced for things we say. Not outrageous things, mind you. But for things that simply contradict what those who are in power are saying. How dare we ask questions! Then, how dare we not trust what we’re being told. How dare we write, say, record and post our thoughts. Those in power, in the greatest country in the world are now using that power to silence its critics.

How long will it be before the critics are not only silenced but start to disappear? That’s a pretty big leap, Pastor John. Think that couldn’t happen here? Think again. Can I even say that? Well, right now I can. I don’t know about tomorrow. Numerous churches in Canada are burning and some pastors have even been arrested! They’ve been arrested for the heinous crime of having church! This I know: If we allow our voices to be silenced, our thoughts will be next. If the word “totalitarian” is foreign to you, I beg you to read up and see exactly what is happening in the minds of the liberal intelligentsia and is being passed on to our children in classrooms and unfortunately, even in our Boardrooms. 

It can’t be fixed!

They believe that America can be fixed if we just change laws, environments, and social norms that have stood the test of time. Unfortunately, American can’t be “fixed.” It needs to be saved! Don’t lose heart! May the King of kings and Lord of lords hear our cries for the moving of His Holy Spirit to save us from falling over the totalitarian precipice we are so dangerously teetering on.

Pastor John has served New Life Church in Sandusky, Ohio for over 24 years and has served as a Law Enforcement chaplain to four agencies, in Erie County for over a decade. For more info visit:

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