Superheroes Needed!


It’s Them!


Like an intense, action-packed Marvel movie, the stage is set,

and the head-to-head battle between Light and Darkness is coming to a head.

It’s taken decades to get here with the last six months progressing at warp speed. Many of God’s people are shaking their heads in complete bewilderment, wondering how things have come this far.

Think with me here:

All one needs to do now is simply “think” they are a different gender and “voila” they are expected to be treated as such.

And they can morph back and forth at will and the rest of society must not only accept it but celebrate and champion it?

We are now being shamed into memorizing who wants to be referred to by what pronouns and, God forbid, should we balk due to our biblical stand!

A family member shared that at a local amusement park,

she handed some money for payment at a game to her young boys and politely asked them to give it to “her” meaning the game attendant.

The female attendant snapped nastily with, “Hey Lady! It’s THEM!” 

What did they expect?

Pastors are being arrested for the heinous crime of having church for their flock! Cities are now facing the backlash of skyrocketing crime after those influenced by the powers of Darkness have removed Peace Officers from their streets.

What did they expect, more peace?

Pastors by the tens of thousands simply closed their churches, some of which, at the time of this writing, are still not open. Do they care more about legal issues than the care of their flock who desperately NEED fellowship? What did they expect, more Light to shine? Have righteous backbones become such a rare commodity that few now even know what they look like?

Like the Marvel movie mentioned earlier,

the cloud of Darkness is looming LARGE and is growing day by day. Do we expect the Darkness to dissipate on its own?

Band of Warriors?

Will God’s people simply roll over and play dead, or worse, play along? Is there somewhere a “band” of warriors God is assembling for such a time as this? Pastors have always been those standing up like the sound of a trumpet, declaring truth without fear or favor. Pastors have been God’s mouthpiece declaring His immutable word while pointing the way forward.

And history tells us that it is Pastors who have been willing to stand toe to toe,

facing down the Darkness that has overtaken one country after another as Totalitarian regimes try to wipe God off the face of the earth

He created.

These fearless Pastors have taken up their sword in the form of word and pen and have declared truth regardless of the consequences.

I believe God is sounding a clarion call for that “band” of leaders

who have finally had enough of the “Dark Agenda” forcibly thrust upon them.

Are they superheroes with special powers for such a time as this? I believe God thinks they are! That is why He put His spirit in us!

While facing backlash from his brothers before facing Goliath, David declared,

“Is there not a cause?”

Superheroes arise and lead your flock into what may be the greatest spiritual battle this great country has ever faced and shine the glory of God brightly! 

Pastor John has served New Life Church in Sandusky, Ohio for over 24 years and has served as a Law Enforcement chaplain to four agencies, in Erie County for over a decade. For more info visit:

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